10 Signs Your Cadre Leader is TOO “Hardcore”

  1. He or she refuses to wear pants to any event, because “they were made by the corporate overlords”.
  2. He comes in looking haggard and sleep deprived because too much time has been spent watching libertarian porn.
  3. She has a food testing kit that is brought AND used at every bar/restaurant regardless of the number of times its been frequented.
  4. He has a list of political prisoners tattooed on his arm or an obscure quote from some lost book. Such a list could include names like Bernard Von NotHaud, or Marc Emery.
  5. He has different styles of tinfoil hats to go with the various outfits. Baseball cap, Fez, Tophat for formal occasions, or sailor.
  6. The black and white Rothbard shirt has sweat stain and gives off a faint odor as if it’s been worn one too many weeks in a row.
  7. His mother or wife calls and before he can talk to her, he needs to deactivate the Voice Scrambler he has set on his phone.
  8. Instead of fessing up to being 15-20 minutes late to every gathering, he explains that a black sedan was following too closely for his comfort.
  9. She refuses to go to the bathroom with another women because it’s a sign of “collectivist feminism” which has “no place in a free society”.
  10. You come to a meeting and find him cutting up past versions of Reason Magazine and using it to write his manifesto or a letter to the editor.

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