7 Reasons Anarchists Make Better Lovers than Minarchists

You all know its true…

  1. They’re not afraid to take it ALL THE WAY, politically or in the bed room.
  2. No one is more interested in “Sticking It To The Man (or Woman)”
  3. Willing to put on a mask or make up to drive a point home.
  4. A is for Anarchy, but A is also a grade for sexual prowess and effort. Notice how we have two.
  5. Foreplay does NOT include needless paperwork like writing a Constitution or Social Contract
  6. Knows what a “Rothbard” is, and is not afraid to use it on you when your naughty or politically incorrect. (it has to do with the word trenchant)
  7. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency… in bed.

Nuff Said.

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