A copy of a copy of a copy…

I’d love to say that the idea for this blog just popped into my head one day and that I could take full credit for it. That’s just not the case. Like many great things we secretly enjoy, from the song Ice Ice Baby to the show Extreme Couponing, the ideas are a riff from another source. In this case I’ve got two great models to look to and draw from.

The great thing about libertarians and more widely about libertarianism is that we’ve got a lot of play over the last few years (even if it’s been often been misrepresentations). To me its felt like the “movement” has grown in size and scope, but its also seemed like we are playing catch up to our political opponents, a.k.a. statists, majoritarian thugs, Republ-ocrats, whatever you call the “muggles” of the non-libertarian world. My hope is to examine the great things that we all share and poke a bit of fun at the interesting/odd ball stuff that seems to be part of the libertarian experience.

I will be sarcastic, and funnier to a far lesser extent. But overall, I hope we can put a mirror onto our position (and those of our political adversaries) to shed some light on and examine what it is to be a libertarian in the world today. The comments will be open from day one and I’m going to do my best to keep spam crap out. Also shoot me an email if you have an idea for the “stuff libertarians like” and if we use your idea, I’ll give you full credit.


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