Adam Kokesh

 Sometimes libertarians get sick of the same of small acts of civil disobedience and go for the big money. Enter Adam Kokesh.Kokesh Meme Bomb

If Saul Alinksy and Stefan Molyneux had a love child, he’d look like Adam. Kokesh has a flair for getting jailed for the most ridiculous things, but the government seems to be ever so predictable even in its absurdity. Remember when he was jailed for dancing? Or how about the time Parks Police arrested him for having a Microphone? Or most recently the authorities raided his home to serve a warrant and take him to prison, all because he loaded a gun in spite of the government. No one was harmed and he didn’t even hurt himself.

My favorite part about this most current antic was that the gun was loaded in FREEDOM plaza on the fourth of July. But the state will not tolerate any irreverence to its undeniable power. Queue the flash bangs and 40 cops ya’ll.

This particular act of civil disobedience seemed to be the place holder for the previously scheduled armed march on the capital. This was canceled and rebilled as a federation of state-level events carried off in tandem. Truthfully, I much rather would have preferred the large march. But nonetheless Kokesh has been able to create a stir and will likely cause him to cause him a headache for months to come.

When he’s not making the state look like a bunch of buffoons, Kokesh and his “roomates” as one article called them, produce the podcast/vlog called Adam VS The Man. This is the point where I should disclose my full on fan-girl side for Kokesh’s Occupy Wall Street Videos and his street journalism in general. He basically trolled the Occupy DC crowd the entire time they were squatting in the city limits and simply let them make asses of themselves on camera. Some of my favorite highlights include one of the organizers stating he leases his body from GOD (wonder what that agreement looks like), the interview with the Camp Reagan crowd, or the time he was physically assaulted at an anti-gun rally.

These all should be archived so you can go back and watch them, but basically I was glued to my computer for several weeks. Just go to their YouTube and start watching anything where he’s on the street talking to people. Internet gold.

I am hoping that he will speedily be returned to his home, we’re he can continue to make videos and piss the government off by being more hardcore than my local libertarian leaders.

What are your thoughts on Kokesh’s work and his recent arrest? Leave a comment with your favorite video or speech. ( I saw Kokesh in MN a few months back and he rocked it)

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