Collecting Koch-hard Cash

 It’s a little known fact about libertarians that unlike the Dems and Repubs, they get massive direct payments from their political benefactors. Corporations love liberty so much that many of them have simply seen fit to bring libertarians on in an advisory role or in some instances they’ve created a department just for them. These jobs are of course lucrative and have the expected profit-sharing/stock purchase plans that a true Capitalists would expect.Corporate Raptor

But you should know, it’s not all fun and games though. Especially, at the end of the month when our stipends from the Koch (pronounced Coke) Brothers are set to arrive. The banks and Walmart just don’t seem to have enough hundred dollar bills on hand, and how are they supposed to buy the things they NEED to live. Twenties won’t do for the kind of living we are accustomed to.

Have you ever tried to pay off a cement truck driver with twenty-dollar bills when he is delivering a load of raw milk to fill the swimming pool?!? It simply doesn’t work. If these banks were true Capitalists, they would know this.

What kind of corporate sponsorships have you all been offered lately? 😉

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