Famous Libertarians

Famous Libertarians
Nothing beats having famous freedom fighters on your side

I hate cocktail parties. Nuff said.

But when I’m not Tabling, or playing with my CAT, or watching porn, I can be inclined to make my way to a social gathering. And nothing beats having a few celebrity names to drop to keep the conversation rolling when the I get riffing on how globalization is good for the world or how my credentials as a noobie Austrian Economic teacher will get me a beer at exactly one venue in America.

Bottom line, We libertarians love our celebrities because they make us more “maintstream” to the average tom, dick or sally. It’s like hey I have this life affirming, logically consistent, and mutually beneficial philosophy to share, but let’s talk about celebrities instead. (And, I swear to god if one more person asks me if I’m a Libertarian, LIKE GLENN BECK, I’m going to go all Al Pacino in Scarface)

Cause that what normal people do when in pleasant company. They don’t talk about economics of scale (or dis-scale), division of labor, rights theories, Jefferson, Rothbard, Nullification. This stuff does not fit on the 3×5 card of approved dinner conversation.

P.S. I can’t confirm the percentile of Libertarian (or base level for that matter), but if any of them have converted to Statism, I’d be happy to X them. I’ll need that request in writing with autograph. Thanks. 😉


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