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If you’ve been a libertarian for more than a minute, you’ve been given the “America, Love it or Leave it” line. It usually goes something like this “we’ll if you don’t like (insert government program) they pack it up and leave. So some libertarians did…

Did they pick Hawaii, Florida, Texas, anywhere that doesn’t freeze your nuts once a year? Where else to go other than the frigidly cold state of New Hampshire? But on a serious note the location was selected for the amount of freedom already available that would act as a selling point, plus allow for a slightly shorter climb our of the deeps of Americanized socialism that is everywhere else.

They have collected over 13k signatures from people agreeing to move to the state once the number reaches 20k. But people were so keen on the idea that 1,100 of the signer have already moved and are setting the stage for the full move. They have even started to make friends and even a local State Rep has welcomed them accordingly… Maybe NOT.

Additionally, it seems like mainstream conservative Glenn Beck has even decided to emulated their idea with his own version. With a huge price tag to boot. Not only has Beck trying to rebrand himself as a “libertarian”, but trying to tap into one of our more unique and interesting concepts shows that he’s at least trying to “get it”, but I’m not convinced. Beck smells like Bob Barr to me, that’s bad. Its a good sign for the Free State Movement when a conservative like Beck is trying to blatantly rip them off and not evening going a good job at it.

Do any of you know the a signer or early mover? (I’ve met a few and have contemplated signing myself.)

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  1. I am from NJ I signed up when the free state project started in 2001 and then signed the early mover pledge called the first 1000, I made the move April 2010 and have not regretted the move even a little bit, I have made many friends and we have made some great strides in making liberty in our lifetime a reality. I started a group called the Lakes Region Porcupines where we work for freedom and liberty while making our community a better place for all so far we have adopted a highway and help with charity events like I can’t wait till the move is triggered and we show the world what a bunch of liberty loving people can do when we put our minds to it. I’d be happy to answer any questions anyone may have and ask you if you are tired of the way things have been done in this country by both the democrats and the republicans won’t you join us and help make liberty in our lifetime a reality.

  2. Sign up! Move on in! Of the 1,100 movers, around a dozen are now state reps. They are supported by many allied libertarian leaning GOP state reps who have the native NH libertarian streak, and most political junky types agree that each activist is worth around ten voters.

    Freestaters have established internationally known radio stations, breweries, stores, social clubs, and all manner of businesses supported by both the libertarian community and the wider NH community in general.

    Manufacturers are flocking to NH to take advantage of the highly educated, not-so-unionized workforce here, so if you’re thinking jobs, think NH! Educational opportunities here are top notch, with many universities and community colleges.

    The best part? An existing, ALREADY ESTABLISHED community of liberty activists that work hard at pretty much every libertarian cause you can think of from electing liberty oriented Congress Critters and Presidential primary candidates to local Aldermen and Selectmen and especially state Representatives to establishing alternative economic model agorist businesses.

    We do it ALL here, from the political nuttiness to the anarcho-capitalist making their business dreams come true to the homesteader who just wants to be left alone on their piece of Earth!

  3. There are a LOT of the united States that get colder than NH. Washington State and Montana, for example where I first learned what -40 is like. Idaho, anything north of Kansas in the Great Planes.

    The fact is that while folks in NH have to deal with snow for some 4 months a year, those “warm” places end up being cold in winter too, so you spend a couple of months indoors, and then so hot in summer that you’re spending all your time indoors with the airconditioning.

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