Growing Up to be a Socailly Acceptable Member of Society.

The only thing better than being a Libertarian and living off donations from the Koch-brothers and big business, is the opportunity to cleanse your spirit in a devil may care, tell-all piece to a major publication. Once you’ve gotten sick of reading economic and ethical theories of human action it’s time to cash in and get along with your life.

Dealing with the complex conundrums of our world is tough freaking work and who the hell wants a life that includes WORK or constant study. UGH!! Honestly, there’s episodes of the “Good Wife” to watch, and Rothbard is sooo not as sexy as Julianna Margulies or Matt Czuchry.

Sometimes you just want to collect your three by five index card of approved political opinion and go on with your day. But, you need to gain some credibility. Thank God we have great politically neutral and selfless institutions like Salon to provide their services as a confessional to the ‘liberty’ movement.

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