Grumpy Cat (Reincarnated Libertarian)

Grumpy Cat has the soul of a Libertarian
Grumpy Cat has the soul of a Libertarian





Who the heck doesn’t love Grumpy Cat?!?

The act of disliking Grumpy Cat only elicits a fervent, GOOD, from those little pursed lips. It’s my theory that said Grumpy Cat is really a libertarian that has been reincarnated for being “too big government”. Plus as far as memes go, Grumpy makes it easy to crush arguments for the State with a simple. NO.

What’s your favorite version of this Grumpy Libertarian?

2 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat (Reincarnated Libertarian)

  1. Saying that I have a single favorite of grumpy cat is a fruitless effort! Though I have and will certainly say their are many poser photos where i think. “NO”. In those moments I like to think Grumpy Cat frowns ever lower and utters a “Good” just for me…

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