Libertarian Reality Shows that Never Made It

Everyone loves reality TV, and libertarians are not immune to the seductive allure of watching people live their lives out, on camera. But I can’t help but to wonder what a libertarian version of these shows would yield. For your viewing pleasure, here are the top picks.

This Old Bunker: A team of libertarians are given that task of going about refurbishing a used/old bunker for the inevitable fiscal/geopolitical/pandemic/zombie uprising that is to befall us anyway now.  The owners of the bunker will greatly appreciate the free renovation and everyday people will learn that essentials of putting together a bunker. The irony is that this show is a rip off of a PBS show (don’t tell the anarchists that).

Are you Smarter than a Statist?: In one word, yes.

Big Brother (with libertarians): Day One. All cameras are found with the surveillance equipment brought into the house by the liberty loving participants. This show does not make it past the third episode as the camera crew is consistently unable to even find the participants, let alone try and catch them on tape. Not only was the confessional box never used, but even the threat of water boarding could not get a single interview.

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