Meme me to the Moon Scottie

Political Memes are the internet equivalent of bumper stickers for a libertarian’s Facebook page. But “One does not simply… un-program people with memes”. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try, even in vain.  Liberty is Coming

Any half-baked (or fully-baked) liberty lover can now make their own meme and plaster is across the internet like a tree. But the crowning achievement of the movement has been the increased ‘geeky-ness’ of the meme culture at large (see picture to the right). Books that were once left to those troll like characters of the community, who also own the lion share of the capes, trench coats, and 20-sided die, are now part of “internet media”. There are more references to Lord of the Rings (more commonly known as LOTR), the Shire, zombies, gold-pressed Latinium ( money in Star Trek) than at the local comic book stores.

Be warned that if a libertarian friend of yours ever utters the words, meme app or photo-shop, your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ news fields are about to get a hefty serving meme pie with a liberty flavored icing. And if you don’t know who Ned Stark, Boromir, or the Grumpy Cat, best to put them in to a circle of their own or quietly upgrade your Facebook privacy settings for a few months. Either way buckle up, its time to Meme you to the Moon, Scottie. 😉

–A brief side note, depending on how “hardcore” your libertarianism is you may find yourself posting quotes of dead Presidents and more likely economists. This sub-set of the community is not to be shunned (outright), they are simply trying to drop truth-bombs on any person that has ever just so happened to meet them or like their Facebook page. As you may already know this type of meme feeds directly into a totally dangerous, but fair dweeb-er libertarian fetish, using obscure political quotes.

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