Minor Acts of Civil Disobedience

A significant subset of libertarian culture is set around disagreeing with the political elite. Whether it is in writing intense philosophic blog posts, making videos on the internet, pumping out memes onto Facebook like a Chinese sweat shop (minus all the intense labor and poor working conditions. This is Free America for God sake), the objective is to “stick it to the Man”.

As a matter of convenience, it is best to find a local “Man”, so as that travel or the commute does not become too problematic and time is always a factor. Also work hours and prime time TV show schedules have to be accounted for in advance. Who wants to miss an episode of The Mentalist and Big Bang Theory. Finally, there are all the committee meetings and outreach events that could cut into the time needed to give the local “Man” some hell.

But if a liberty activist can shake all this and time permits he’s apt to commit a minor act of civil disobedience. The key for the libertarian is to find the careful balance between crushing said “Man” and getting to still getting home to watch the Chopped marathon on the Food Channel. That means any acts must be small enough in scope so as to not spend more than a few minutes in police custody or not cost them more than $10 on fines, but big enough to write about on their blog or make a meme in its honor.

Favorite types of activism for a libertarian may include…

Running red lights, between the hours of 3:30am and 5am, because everyone knows this is peak donut time for cops.

After doing the former, disputing a traffic ticket or parking ticket via the Hearing Officer or local court to show the many hours of legal/constitutional prowess they’ve acquired via internet searches.

Going to the local state-owned library, finding all the socialist texts like The Communist Manifesto, Audacity of Hope, or anything endorsed by the Center for American Progress, than hiding them in the unused sections of the facility.

Holding a garage sale to get rid of the stuff they were going to throw away anyway, but claiming it’s an Agorist business and claim it is helping the counter-economy. Plus lining their pockets with a little hard earned dough.

Like libertarian electoral candidates the definition of success for their actions are largely a non-factor. But that won’t stop every libertarian in the immediate vicinity from commenting on the “effectiveness” of the action for the “movement” at large. If the libertarian is part of any group (omg!) this decision will be made by committee and will be discussed for at least the next year in an open forum. Such events will likely take up large amounts of their time, thus making the time available for other kinds of civil disobedience near impossible.

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