Political Quotes (that no one remembers)

Libertarians do love the use of obscure political quotes
Libertarians do love the use of obscure political quotes

Anyone who has met a libertarian in the wild is aware that the only way to win a political argument with still is to have at least a bagful of obscure political quotes to throw at your enemy.

Libertarians have learned through experience and many political campaigns that people are won over not only by consistent and exacting us of logic, but the ability to drop a Jefferson, Bastiat, or Spooner quote like its hot. So if you engage one in a political duel to the death please keep in mind that it will be scored as followed:

  1. +2 points for a line from a Founding Father (Jefferson, Madison are ok, but Adams will likely only get you +1 point)
  2. An additional +2 points if you are able to name the date of the quote
  3. -1 point for any misquote or for an “inaccurate” quotation. The person correcting the quotation is given the point. Example: Stating Say’s Law as “supply creates its own demand”, it was actually Mills who said that.

    Nothing is sexier than a man who knows what another man once said
    Nothing is sexier than a man who knows what another man once said
  4. +1 additional point is granted for every person that doesn’t know who is being quoted. Obscurity is the friend of every libertarian. So, if you use a zinger from Bastiat while debating three other people, you are awarded three additional points.
  5. Add +3 points if you are able to refute another person’s quote with a quote of your own. This is a repartee, so additional points are awarded for each subsequent quote that is hurled back and forth.
  6. Subtract -2 points for any made up quote or if the person fails to identify the person who is being quoted.
  7. Plus +1 point from a democrat that makes them sound like a moralist or pro-war thug.
  8. Plus +2 points for a line from a republican that references liberty, free markets, or capitalism when the quoted person had anti-libertarian fiscal policies or track record. Example “I had to give up my free market beliefs to save the free-market”

Don’t be afraid to call other person’s bluff or demand to see a link or citation. We aren’t statist after all. Besides what the heck else were cell phones made to do.


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