Sex Scandals

Nothing feeds the soul of a libertarian like being proven right, publicly. Whether its dirt ball politicians being caught in the bathroom of the Minneapolis playing footsie with a cop, or if they have a long trail of sorted sexual toss-always left by a liar of a president, it doesn’t matter to us. We are nourished by the public shaming of these technocrat know-it-alls who love to preach purity of spirit or the efficacy of ‘the law’ out of one side of their mouth, but turn out to be a two timing scoundrels.

Humble Pie is best served with a press conference, crocodile tears, and a formal resignation. The only thing more satisfying than seeing a politician caught in a undeniable lie is predicting the inevitable lies that follow and the failed cover ups. Not only does it put the political class back in its rightful place, but the media can be shackled from selling us their usual song and dance with regard to the eternal ethics of the state. The blood-thirsty, green-eyed media monster sinks it’s teeth into governmental corruption with frenzied abandonment. Leaving a trail of carnage that hopefully sheds some light on the nature of majoritarian politics or lights a fire of freedom into Apathetic America.

For a just a brief few days , they are imbued with the righteous anger of ” we the people”, before being lassoed and cattle prodded back in the coral of the false two party narrative.

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