Teaching liberty to people, one by one by one by one.
Teaching liberty to people, one by one by one by one.

There is no better way for a libertarian to spend a day, than standing behind a table and passing out pamphlets to complete strangers.

After 40 years in the political arena, that Libertarian Party is still using the this method of outreach. Anyone who has spent even a little time in the party has given up a weekend (or ten) to hang out at a local County Fair. It always seems that the table is right next to vendors selling knock-off versions of those knives that cut thru cement blocks or a cheap “talent” agent trying to con parents into believing their kids could be the next Millie Cyrus. Amid all this activity the lone liberty activist attempts to win the hearts and minds of the occasional passerby that doesn’t bolt for the nearest door as soon as they see the campaign signs.

Every activist knows that “this” is how we win political ground and that “this” is how the movement grows. Between eating some deep fried cheese curds and restocking the pile of free reading material, the public is persuaded to give up their 12+ years of state sponsored indoctrination (read education), their personal pet projects (be it the military industrial complex or the environmental Armageddon of the day), and possibly even their livelihood if they work for one of the many subsidized, tax-privileged, monopolist organizations that suckle at the nipple of government. One by One by One by One by One, we win them over to our side or on the slow days we buy some cool knives.

Tell me your favorite tabling story. Where you able to get through to someone or get them to at least change their mind on one topic?

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