the Open Source Movement

When it comes to being a libertarian in modern society, lets be honest. Free is awesome. Free computer shit is even better!

Fact #1:  Libertarians like to be the smartest person in the room and nothing makes you look smarter and more sophisticated than having a computer full of stuff that NO ONE else has ever seen before. Moreover, any libertarian caught using a piece of “licensed” software can be accused of harboring the enemy.

Fact #2: To left-leaning libertarians “Open Source” doesn’t just apply to software, but only the real libertarians know that. If you can’t name at least one type of “open source” project outside of software, than you simply don’t understand what it takes to speak to the Left. And you if you don’t know, we’re not going to tell you(more on this to come in later posts).

Fact #3: Libertarians don’t have even a infinitesimal fraction of the Koch money that we are too often accused of having, so not needing to spend money on a new operating system like Linux, image/photo editor like GIMP, or secure internet surfing with TOR is just a good idea. Polish and Pan-ash is for statist pansies, plus we have much better uses for our money. Like, pamphlets, bumper stickers, and books by writers with weird names like Hayek, Friendman, or Rand.

Silly Statists, just continue to pay full price.

What sort of Open Source stuff do you like?

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