Waxing On About The Meaning of Words

The pen is mightier than the sword. And while that may be true for some, only your local libertarian will use his dictionary as whet stone. So as a word of caution to the unsuspecting traveler or dinner party guest. Be careful with your choice of words when hanging out with your libertarian friends. For they take them super serious.

Government or State? That is the question.
Government or State? That is the question.

Michael Badnarik the Libertarian Party’s 2004 Presidential Candidate made one slip of term after the campaign and hasn’t been heard from since. Have you heard from him? Doubt it. Like I said the dude has not been seen in years.
Now this is not to say that they are ‘dangerous’ when in person, quite the opposite.

If you catch one in person they will likely have already set up their booth and you are in another type of trouble then. It’s the ones on the inter webs that will have a field day with a miscalculated comment on your blog or Facebook page, like “Can’t there be a free State?”, or “Voluntary government is possible, if people agree.” You will have un-wittedly stepped in it, and have the next hour or more hashing out the historical, economic, and philosophic nuances of those terms.

Should you choose to talk about politics on the internet anywhere take a minute or two to inoculate yourself with a few key phrases;
1. “Rothbard Said,…” – Never mind that he probably didn’t.
2. “It was in the 1980’s LP platform” – Absolutely, No one has any of them left, so you’re safe in citing it.
3. “You haven’t read X book, oh, it’s consumption is fundamental to even a basic understanding of the topic.” – No it’s not, but you have time to run.

Insert one of these babies and you’re bound to give them something to chew for a while, that’s not you.

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